What Does Your Eye Color Say About You and Your Health

Dec 15, 2015

There is research that suggests that there is also a correlation between your eye color and your personality traits. It’s amazing that these discoveries help show us that our eyes are really the windows to the soul!

Scientists at Orebro University in Sweden compared the eyes of 428 participants to their personality traits in order to see if these structures in the iris reflected the subject’s character. To find this out they concentrated on patterns in the crypts, the threads that radiate out from the pupil, as well as contraction furrows, the lines that curve around the outer edge and which are formed when the pupils dilate. What they found was that those with densely packed crypts are more sympathetic, tender, trusting and warmhearted, while those with more contraction furrows were found to be more impulsive and neurotic. In addition, it is also believed that your eye color also has something to say about who you are as a person, which goes to show that eyes are even more fascinating than initially thought. Dr. Anthony Fallone of Edinburgh University has also studied the links between personality traits and the eyes, and he states that “the eye is so closely linked neurologically to the brain that you might call it the only part of our brain you can see from the outside. It seems to hold vital clues to our brain function.”

It’s amazing that no two people have the same iris pattern, or have the exact same eye color; this is one of the ways in which we are totally unique. Do you want to know what your eye color says about you? Check out the attributes for each color below and see if they match you and your personality!

Black/Dark Brown Eyes

  • A natural born leader; born to lead people through life
  • More agreeable
  • Tend to drink less alcohol
  • Love to play sports, and very athletic
  • Trustworthy, loyal, and responsible
  • Often spiritual, optimistic, and passionate
  • Often perceived as mysterious or secretive
  • Has a lot of inner strength
  • A deeply sensual and intuitive person who may have psychic tendencies

Blue Eyes

  • Possess great inner strength, stamina, and physical strength
  • People don’t often see the real you, and can judge you before they get to know you
  • People can see you as weak, timid, unassertive, or untrustworthy (even though it isn’t true!)
  • Has a high pain tolerance
  • Generally has a happy and bright nature
  • Can be a forceful and direct person
  • Has an immense vitality
  • Gift for insight and observation
  • Ambitious, inquisitive and sharp-minded; yet has a cautious nature
  • Has a high intellect
  • A sincere and self-sufficient person

Gray Eyes

  • You strive to be taken seriously
  • You are either a well-balanced person or there are “two-sides” to your proverbial coin
  • Has the tendency to be defensive
  • Dominant and a leader
  • Strong in nature, gentle and wise
  • Take love and romance very seriously
  • Creative, imaginative, and flexible
  • Inner strength, rationality, and analytic thinking
  • People have to work to get through your barriers
  • A subtle, sensitive person
  • Flexible
  • Attuned to the unseen

Hazel Eyes

  • Different and unique
  • Tend to be spontaneous, independent, and confident
  • Difficult to predict
  • Imaginative and loves to try new things; loves adventure
  • A risk taker
  • Profound thinkers
  • Can have a serious selfish streak
  • Brave and courageous
  • Gets bored of monotony very easily
  • Loves to try new things
  • Mischievous and sensual
  • Has a lot of inner strength and inner vitality

Brown Eyes

  • Tends to be assertive and agreeable
  • Affable, outgoing, and vivacious
  • Practical, serious, self-sufficient
  • People look to you with confidence
  • Very gentle, loyal and respectful people
  • Strong, independent person
  • Creative person
  • Attractive and confident
  • Polite, caring, and loves to make new friends
  • Great lovers
  • Trustworthy
  • Feels a deep connection to nature and to the earth

Green Eyes

  • Viewed as mysterious, enigma, alluring, and sexy
  • Have a zest for life; like to live life to the fullest
  • Tends to be very beautiful, sensual and attractive
  • Can get jealous easily
  • A youthful, compassionate person
  • Has boundless energy
  • Has the gift of healing
  • Often unpredictable, but slow to anger
  • Capable of great emotional restraint
  • Highly intelligent and intellectual
  • Self-sufficient
  • Creative, original and performs well under pressure


You may have heard the term “the eyes are the windows to the soul”, but did you know that your eyes can give you clues about your health, as well as give you more information about yourself? It doesn’t matter what eye color you have; you can have blue, green, gray, brown, or even hazel eyes, your eye color can help indicate how well you handle alcohol. In addition, your eye color also has the ability to predict your possibility for certain diseases. Want to learn more? Here are just a few of the predictions your eye color says about you and your health:

Those with dark eyes may be more sensitive to alcohol

According to a 2001 study published in Personality and Individual Differences, those who have brown or black eyes may drink less than those who have green or blue eyes. Researchers discovered that there was more frequent alcohol abuse among a group of prisoners who have light-eyes, as well as among women with light eyes whom they studied. At the close of this study, it was theorized that individuals with dark-eyes may be more sensitive to alcohol and other drugs, which in turn may lead them to drink less.

Those with dark eyes are more likely to contract cataracts

A study published in the 2000 edition of the American Journal of Ophthalmology discovered that individuals with dark eyes have a 1.5 to 2.5 time’s greater risk of developing cataracts. Cataracts are a clouding, or a fogginess that appears over the pupil of the eye, and it is very common with aging. In order to avert developing cataracts, one must protect their eyes from ultraviolet rays. So the next time you are outside, make sure you are wearing your shades!

Blue-eyed people are less likely to contract vitiligo

Published in the 2012 edition of Nature, a review of vitiligo revealed that this autoimmune disease, which causes the skin to lose skin color in blotches, is less likely to arise in individuals with blue eyes. Researchers studied nearly 3,000 vitiligo patients, and it was discovered that the two particular genes that play a role in blue eye color, OCA2 and TYR, also reduces the risk of vitiligo.

Those with blue eyes are more likely to develop melanoma

The cause for this connection is currently unidentified, but the gene variations that help guard against vitiligo actually increases the risk for developing melanoma. It appears that the genes that help protect against melanoma, as well as the genes that dictate both the type and amount of pigment you receive, all seem to be interconnected.


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