Stylish Safety Glasses Are Now Available For Prescription Wearers

Dec 27, 2015

When it comes to safety, either in the workplace or at play, protecting your eyes is a top priority! But what if you wear prescription glasses? Wearing a pair of safety goggles over top of glasses is not exactly comfortable or fashionable.

Well, look no further, since prescription safety glasses are now available and come in various styles, colors, and functionality.


Single vision, bifocal, or progressive bifocal lenses constructed out of polycarbonate, Trivex, standard glass, or high index plastic can all be used in prescription safety glasses. Additional options include anti-reflective and scratch resistant coatings, anti-fog treatments, UV protection, and various tints. A number of prescription glasses meet ANSI Z87 safety standards, but be sure to check with us if you have any doubts before purchasing.


Made from either metal or plastic, safety frames come in a variety of styles, from classic to cutting edge, wrap around, or semi rimless. In addition, functionality can now be built-in some frames, such as LED lights to enhance low light conditions and Bluetooth enabled to carry on conversations while at work or on the go.

Wiley X, Body Specs, Bobster Eyewear, and ArmouRx are just some of the top manufacturers that now carry a line of safety glasses that are prescription ready and geared toward both men & women. The oversize protective eyewear that use to slip down and snag the hair have now been replaced with endless colors and flattering styles that properly fit a people of all facial features while still providing top-level protection.


Gone are the days of unattractive selections in eyewear for those individuals who need to wear prescription safety glasses. If you have any questions about the available styles and options, please contact us so that we can help find you the pair that is just right.


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