Love Your Glasses? Try Fitovers™ Eyewear for Sun Protection

Dec 27, 2015

It’s a great day when an innovative product makes wearing glasses easier. Looking for a quick and cost-effective solution to prescription eye protection in the sun? Fitovers™ offer a novel way to shield your eyes from the sun without changing your main prescription eyewear.

It’s simple to place Fitovers™ sunglasses over your existing glasses, so you can see clearly without much effort. You won’t have to worry about the fuss of changing your main eyewear with these sun shield options. Fitovers™ are a stylish and easy for enjoying life in the sun at a moment’s notice.


These sunglasses are particularly useful for on-the-go wear, when you need to quickly shield your eyes and don’t want to fuss with finding your expensive pair of sunglasses. Fitovers™ are easy to carry in a bag to the beach or in a purse on errands. They’re also great for sporting events and community activities – when you’re not sure what the weather might be like.

If you have particular criteria when choosing eyewear, you’ll be happy to know that these products offer high-quality lenses and hypoallergenic frames. The side and front of these sunglasses feature polarization, and the front lenses also offer Polarvation® benefits. They also offer UVA & UVB protection for extra eye protection under the sun’s rays.


Whether you prefer bold sunglasses with bold blue or purple frames, or more demure styles, Fitovers™ offer an impressive range of eyewear. Their product line includes designs that fit over slim and sleek glasses, as well as styles that work with chunkier frames. Simply decide which style of Fitovers work with your existing prescription glasses.

Choose from Fitovers™ styles that look sporty, urban, professional and more. For example, the Coolaroo style with square-shaped lenses, with a unique olive green as a color choice. Meanwhile, the Kiata style features oval-shaped lenses with soft curves in colors such as subtle brown and black.

While it’s sometimes nice to own high-end, brand-name sunglasses, Fitovers™ offer practical convenience. It’s even worth considering purchasing more than one of these sunglasses for your car, backpack, home or purse. To learn more about VS Eyewear and Fitovers™, contact us.


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