How Night Driving Glasses Can Help Drivers Stay Safe

Nov 18, 2015

If you have problems seeing while driving at night, you’re risking your safety and the safety of others. If you avoid traveling in the dark because your vision isn’t as good as it is during the day, consider purchasing a good pair of Sheer Vision night driving glasses.

Glasses made for driving at night reduce the glare of approaching headlights due to a special anti reflective coating that’s applied to the front and back of the polycarbonate eyeglass lenses. This coating also prevents halos from appearing around the headlights of oncoming vehicles. Drivers who wear night driving glasses with tinted lenses don’t have to squint to see and objects in the distance appear sharper and clearer. These glasses are also perfect for driving in foggy conditions, hazy weather and at dusk.

To further enhance your vision while driving at night, keep the windshield on your car clean and free of dust. Wiping a newspaper over the windshield removes any streaks left from windshield cleaners. Periodically clean the dust and dirt off the headlight covers and make sure they shine brightly and point straight in front of the car.


Drivers of all ages can look stylish when wearing night driving glasses. They’re available in various styles including wrap around frames, over prescription glasses and clip-on varieties. Popular brand names for night driving eyewear include Nike, Apollo and Wiley X.

VS Eyewear carries a large selection of eyewear to help drivers improve their vision at night so they can stay safe. Contact us to inquire about any of our products or to place an order.







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