Computer Glasses to Reduce Eye Strain

Jan 30, 2015

Tired of headaches from spending lots of time in front of the computer?
Reduce Eye Strain with Computer Glasses
Computer Glasses to Reduce Eye Strain – People who work on a computer are likely to experience headaches, eye fatigue, and eye pain. These are caused by the harmful blue wavelengths of gentle emitted by electronic screens such as pc monitors, smartphones, and televisions. Our brand of Sheer Vision and Sheer Glare are computer eyeglasses designed to decrease this optical eye strain. Sheer Glare and Sheer Vision protect your eyes from the harmful glowing blue wavelengths emitted by electronic displays, allowing your eye to relax a lot more during use. This will cut down on your eye fatigue, reducing your potential for eye fatigue, eye soreness, headaches, and long-term eye damage.
If you’re looking for computer glasses to reduce eye strain, here’s what you should know about Sheer Vision and Sheer Glare:

  • Will make work easier if you spend long days in front of a computer for your job.
  • They are computer glasses designed to reduce eye strain, so you can expect headaches, eye fatigue, and eye soreness to be reduced or eliminated by wearing them.
  • Sheer Vision and Sheer Glare are so effective because they cut down on harmful blue light, reducing wear and tear caused by monitors and other electronics.
  • Because they’re inserted into stylish prescription glasses frames, our glasses can be worn in any situation. They will look like regular designer glasses.
  • By reducing your exposure to harmful blue rays, Sheer Glare and Sheer Vision might enhance your hormone balance and lessen your threat of long-term computer-related eye harm.
  • Both Sheer Vision and Sheer Glare are available in polycarbonate with double side anti reflective with a scratch guard.
  • All of our glasses are available in our in house plastic, metal, wrap, semi rimless and safety frames as well as many name brand frames such as Nike, Lacoste, Wiley X, Flexon and much more!

If you work before a computer or have problems with computer-related head or eye pain, Sheer Vision and Sheer Glare certainly are a good option for you!


Because these glasses decrease pain and promote healthy hormone amounts as they lessen your harmful light publicity, their use results in happier days at the job and in the home. This implies the combined aftereffect of wearing our computer glasses can result in a happier living. Who knew a couple of glasses could have therefore profound of an impact?

For those who have any relevant queries about Sheer Vision and Sheer Glare, give us a call. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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