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Jan 9, 2015
 Computer Glasses; Why They Might Be Right For You

Computer glasses are a must if you work a job that requires the use of a computer? Do you have a tablet for recreation or work? Do you have or daily work with a cell phone? If you use an electronic screen of any kind for extended periods of time, you have observed eye strain or shortly will probably.

It is becoming a lot more common in grownups and kids with the improvement of technology so when children are now given mobile phones and tablets at quite young ages computer glasses should be worn.

In accordance with a survey conducted to get the Vision Council, 70% of U.S. citizens say they will have experienced outward indications of digital eye strain.
Outward indications of digital eye stress may include the following:

  • dry, red, irritated eyes
  • fatigue
  • eyesight muscle strain and aching
  • blurry vision
  • problems focusing
  • neck and shoulder pain

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms when working with digital screens, schedule an appointment with your eye physician and try these 10 tips:

  1. 20-20-20 Principle. This rule is now more well-known – every 20 mins, appear at something 20 feet apart for 20 secs. This can give your eye a rest from the display screen to greatly help prevent or alleviate eyes strain.
  2. Clean your display screen. The even more clear your display screen, the less you need to struggle to concentrate. This eliminates leaning directly into see better also, that may cause more stress in your eyes, throat, and back.
  3. Change your typeface. Change from serifs to easier-to-go through fonts like Arial, Verdana, etc. According to James Sheedy, PhD, the curvy design of serifs like Occasions New Roman (with tiny tails on the ends of letters) “may slow word recognition and pressure you to stare harder and longer, contributing to eye fatigue.”
  4. Blink more. THINK “BLINK”! People often stare at screens and don’t blink as often as they would while considering objects in true to life and in natural light. This can cause eye strain and dry eye symptoms. If you remind yourself to blink while using digital screens, you might be in a position to alleviate some optical attention strain issues.
  5. Adjust your configurations. All electronic screens have adjustable settings. This is another way you can take control of eye strain. Feel free to change your background color from brighter whites to cooler, darker colors like grey. Also, changing font size and font type (as outlined above) can help. Lastly lowering screen brightness can be very helpful in making eye strain less painful.
  6. Get some distance. Sitting too closely to the screen or allowing yourself to lean in towards the screen can worsen eye strain. A helpful hint: Extend arm as if you’re high-fiving the screen and don’t lean in from there. To help yourself start to see the expressed words, it is possible to zoom in on webpages, modification font sizes, or put on proper prescription eyeglasses to resist the desire to lean in towards your monitor.
  7. Rearrange your workspace. Numerous variables effect eye stress, including proper position, viewing position, and lighting of environment. That’s where freedom in office and workspace customization might help greatly. It is not suggested to tilt your monitor screen. Nevertheless, adjusting your monitor elevation by putting it on a desk riser to be directly in front of your face and slightly below eye level can greatly help ease eye strain. Additionally, natural light in your surroundings or non-florescent lamps/lighting (if you have no office window) can also ease strain. If your monitor lighting is too bright compared to surrounding light, this can also cause strain.
  8. Maintain proper posture. Sitting up straight is always helpful to overall body soreness and stress from seated at a desk, but might help eye strain also. When you remind you to ultimately maintain posture, it can help you keep your range from the display automatically.
  9. Make your breaks a lot more natural. Although some weather conditions may prevent this, taking your lunch break outside can be a relieving break from florescent office lights. For people who may prefer to avoid the great outdoors, simply sitting by a window while you eat or take a break can make a difference in your daily eye strain.
  10. Fight technology with technology. Other options to relieve eye strain include investing in monitor screen covers, computer glasses, or possible replacing your monitor. Some specialty screen covers are made to reduce the glare of your monitor by using certain filter systems and coatings. Computer eyeglasses are made with anti-glare and anti-reflective coating to lessen eye strain – and may sometimes include doctor prescribed lenses, which tend to be more expensive. Another choice is to substitute your CRT monitor having an LCD screen monitor, which includes anti-reflective coating included generally.

Our preferred computer glasses are the Sheer Glare line produced by VS Eyewear. The tint is a very comfortable peach/light beige AR lens and very relaxing on your eyes. We also recommend our Sheer Vision line of computer eyewear which is produced in a clear AR lens. These are recommended if you need the exact color while viewing the computer monitor.

Both lines are produced with a high quality enhanced polycarbonate lens with double sided anti reflective lens. This unique coating eliminates the glare from any computer monitor and blocks the harmful UV light rays. These computer glasses are offered in our own high quality plastic, metal, wrap and semi-rimless frames as well as Wiley X, Nike, Lacoste, Flexon and many more brands.
VS Eyewear offers the broadest most complete line of high-quality computer glasses that will meet everyone’s style and budget.

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