Do Not go fishing without Fitovers™ polarized sunglasses

Sep 26, 2014

Jonathan Paul® the original Fitovers Eyewear™ fit over sunglasses have become good products not merely in daily life, but in outside sports and activities as well. Among the best utilizes for Fitovers™ Polarized Sunglasses will be fishing,

during which you may want your prescription eyeglasses in addition to UV protection. With very satisfied clients and high reputation in the fishing area, JP Fitovers™ offers a comfortable and durable alternative – fit over sunglasses.

lmb259What I’m Making use of: Polarized Fit-Over Style Sunglasses

Years of Fine-Tuning My Fit-Over Style Sunglasses Offers Result in Jonathan Paul

I seriously take putting on sunglasses. I don’t drive in daylight without them. I don’t perform anything outdoors without them. I only put on sunglasses with polarized lenses.

Sunglasses are so important to me that I’ll turn around and go home on the rare occasion that I forget them. I keep a spare pair in my car for such an event, although they’re mainly worn by individuals who get with me and discover they don’t have their very own.

I discovered way back when that We get headaches after hrs of being in sunlight without sunglasses. That ruins my time, therefore I’d forget our lunch or my deal without my tackle box rather than be without my polarized fitover sunglasses.

I also discovered way back when that I don’t prosper with contacts. When Bausch & Lomb 1st introduced smooth contacts they came to Field & Stream to promote them for use by anglers and hunters. I have been the only editor in the magazine’s offices at the time who wore eyeglasses, so I was fitted with free contacts by one of Manhattan’s top ophthalmologists. After two failed efforts that caused me much irritation he determined that some people were just not suited for contacts.  Which brings me to the dilemma that I, and millions of other people, have: good quality sunglasses for people who wear prescription lenses.

The Options

One option is polarized prescription lenses, which are costly. I tried that as soon as and hated them. They don’t include side protection, which means you need to buy or style something to handle that. If your eyesight changes you will need new doctor prescribed sunglasses and new doctor prescribed eyeglasses.

Another choice is photochromic doctor prescribed eyeglasses that darken. They are not polarized, reviews say they don’t work very well in the motor car, and offers no side defense.

Clip-on polarized sunglasses can be found. They’re cheap, do not provide side protection, and may unfit all eyeglass thickness or frames of lenses.

That results in sunglasses that match over prescription eyewear because the way to go…

For about a ten years, I’ve been wearing a definite sunglass from Jonathan Paul’s Fitover line. The existing edition of what I’m using is their Jett Brown Marble, Model JT002A. new. The A means amber, and I won’t get into lens color benefits here, apart from to state that I really like amber lenses for all-around use. This product has protection with a little lens window sideframe, a method that I’m partial to.
These sunglasses have exceptional lenses, that is the very first priority, but they are also very durable; my previous pair lasted three years, and my current pair is now two years old. I use my own neck lanyard rather than the one they provide, and I take good care of them, never lay them down by the lens surface, and clean them with a proper lens tissue.

These sunglasses list for $59.95. It’s a pricey pair of sunglasses, but not by comparison to some of the more fashion-conscious big-name sunglass brands, most of which do not offer any product that fits atop doctor prescribed eyewear.

Lots of people have eye problems if they get older, and several get cataract medical procedures. I will too probably. I’d like to place that off so long as possible, that is one reason I get an yearly eye exam, and just why I don’t skimp on safeguarding my eyes.

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