One More Reason to buy Jonathan Paul Fitovers Sunglasses – Hand-Painted Frames

Sep 8, 2014

Jonathan Paul® Fitovers Eyewear™ implements unparalleled technology not only in their PolarVue® lenses but also in the durable frames of their fit over sunglasses.

With an integrated brow bar, Fitovers™ Sunglasses prevent light from entering from above and aid in providing the perfect fit for your face and prescription frames due to their tailored frame shape. Additionally, half of the frames produced by the original Fitovers Eyewear™ contain built-in polarized side lenses for those looking to enhance their peripheral vision, while other frames manufactured by Fitovers™ have no side-lens for a sleeker, seamless fit over design.

Not only are the frames made to fit you, they are hand-crafted with high-quality materials and detailed processing. Our exceptionally durable Crystal Nylon™ Flexible Frames are available in over 40 different colors with 8 lens color options. The Crystal Nylon™ Frames are durable for any active lifestyle, as well as hypo-allergenic, light-weight, and hand-painted.

With over 150 styles to choose from, there is a great amount of hard-work and dedication put into making each Fitovers™ Sunglass frame. While our solid colors, including the Midnite Oil’s and Matte Black’s, are airbrushed by hand, our complex multi-colors with patterns, like Calico and Berry Crush, are paint brushed by hand.

You won’t find this type of quality and attention to detail in any other fit over sunglass company on the market. This meticulous process to create a variety of styles to choose from sets Jonathan Paul® Fitovers Eyewear™ apart as the highest-quality, most stylish fit over in the industry.

The airbrush process of hand painting solid frame colors, shown with the Element™ Claret fitovers with side lenses and Swarovski® Elements:



The paint brush process of hand painting multicolor and patterned frames, shown with the Sabre™ Blue Cloudfitovers with side lenses:




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