What Polarized Lens Colors are Available in the Fitovers Sunglasses

Aug 15, 2014

Whether you’re buying sunglasses for fashion or utility, the lens color plays a major role in your final choice as a consumer. Not only do many manufacturers, distributors, and retailers sell multiple colors of sunglass lenses, but each color is beneficial in different ways. Some colors are better suited for certain activities while others may aid people with eye issues.

Jonathan Paul Fitovers Eyewear™ carries eight (8) lens colors – all of which are polarized and manufactured with PolarVue® Technology. Since all of JP Fitovers™ lenses are polarized, you can expect them all to filter out glare. The polarization of the lenses make them optimal for almost any activity, including those with high glare such as fishing. They are also the perfect solution for water or winter sports where water or ice may reflect intense sunlight. With JP Fitovers™ polarized PolarVue® lens technology in every color, you can enjoy any activity from driving, cycling, or running, to golfing, hiking, or jet skiing.



Grey lenses are the most common sunglass lens color because they don’t change the value of color but are dark enough for bright sunny days while not so dark that they impair vision. If your grey lenses are polarized, they also reduce glare, making them great for most activities. Well known for general sunglass use, grey lenses also aid in preventing eye fatigue, provide true color perception, and are ideal for scenes to be viewed in their most natural state. If you enjoy any outdoor activity, hunting, golfing, visiting the beach, or even if you just drive a lot, the grey lens color is a great choice for you.


Amber lenses do more than give the wearer a sepia outlook and a warm color fashion – they are great enhancers for vision. With the amber tint, much of the color spectrum’s hazy end is blocked and your vision has more contrast, giving you crisp vision and allowing you to make out shapes more clearly. This lens color is great for early morning, late afternoon when the sunlight is not as intense, or especially during cloudy, hazy, or foggy days. With the brighter and higher-contrast tint of the amber lens, this lens color is also known to enhance depth perception, reduce glare, and be optimal for people living in areas with changeable weather patterns. If you enjoy any sport where distance needs to be judged, your focus is against green grass or blue skies, or if any of your daytime activities are in lower light situations, then the amber lens color is an optimal choice for you. Some examples could include: golf, tennis, fishing, baseball, hunting, soccer, football, boating, or racquetball.


Similar to amber lens colors, the yellow lens sunglasses provide clarity in fog, haze, overcast, and other low-light situations. They also are high in contrast and depth perception since they also cut blue light rays that can be hazy. Due to these qualities and the fact that they are a lighter lens than the amber, they are often used not only during daytime activities, but also for dusk/evening driving and indoor sports. Although this lens color is very likely to cause color distortion, giving everything a yellow hue, it is often chosen by mountain bikers, racquetball players, pilots, hunters, tennis players, and cross country skiers for it’s amazing sight performance and clarity. Not only do players of numerous sports and activities enjoy this lens color, but it is also ideal for 90% of all eye conditions.


Another lens color that blocks the fuzzy blue rays while sharpening your vision is the roadster color lens, but this one also has its own beneficial qualities. While enhancing visual depth, adjusting contrast, and sharpening your outlook, the roadster lens also reduces eye strain and is found to be comforting to the eyes. Not only is this color great for driving cars, bikes, motorcycles, or anything else on the road, it is also good in most weather conditions, including snow. Although this lens color does alter the color balances of your view quite a bit, it is said to be the ultimate driving lens and is great for computer users who need to reduce eyestrain and/or glare. If you enjoy being on the road, playing outdoor sports, using the computer often, or even if your schedule simply requires you to wear sunglasses for a long period of time, the roadster color lens will provide clarity and comfort while protecting your eyes.


If you are considering mirror or reflective lenses, it’s important to pay attention to two things: the color and type of reflective coating on the outer surface of the lens, and the base tint color of the lens (the color of the lens without coating), as these will both effect your choosing. Mirror lenses in general greatly reduce glare, are stylish and often trending, and they do not affect the contrast of your view through the lens. Mirror lenses are ideal for any activity with the possibility of high-glare such as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, boating, fishing, sailing, any other winter or water sports, and driving or hiking.

Now, it is important to remember that if you’re considering mirror lenses, the base tint may not always be the same as the reflective coating – this is great for people with particular needs but the desire to wear the reflective fashion sunglasses. If your base tint is grey, the activities you can enjoy in mirror lenses are the same as you can enjoy in regular grey lenses – you have a board array of choices. If the base tint is yellow, the sunglasses will be great in many settings, because the benefits include those of yellow lenses and of mirror lenses – you can enjoy crisp vision while cutting glare and hiding your eyes. With roadster base tint and mirror coating, you can enjoy long-term comfort in your shades while cutting high-glare and being fashionable.

While all of Jonathan Paul Fitovers Eyewear™ current mirror lens collections have a grey base tint for a large variety of use, there is room to consider a new line of different base tints with their next year’s mirror collection for people with specific needs or desires.


What you can expect from JP Fitovers™ Polarized Polycarbonate Blue PolarVue® HD Lenses is an enhanced contrast, reduction in glare, fashionable style, and great for almost all sporting activities – especially on snow and water. Also, like blue tinted lenses, this combination of lens colors is great for playing or watching golf, aiding in seeing contours, and great in misty, foggy, or snowy conditions.


JP Fitovers™ also has a several frames with Polarized Polycarbonate Green PolarVue® HD Lenses that are grey based, providing similar benefits as the blue mirror lenses but, of course, with its own qualities. The green mirror lens is best at providing protection and cutting glare in all outdoor activities and in bright light conditions. With the coating and base combination, the wearer is left with a lens great for reducing overall brightness, reducing glare while lightening shadowy areas, and preserving normal color balances. This color is good for rain or shine but ideal for clear, bright days unlike the yellow and roadster lenses.


The Polarized Polycarbonate Gold PolarVue® HD Lenses by JP Fitovers™ are also grey based but maintain their benefits while looking unique against the common blue and green reflective lenses on the market. This combination provides visual acuity, improved contrast, high-glare blockage, as well as all of the other benefits provided by grey and mirror lenses. Now there is a mirror lens that can match your warm, natural toned fashions, with the protection and visual quality of the common colors.


Last but not least, the Polarized Polycarbonate Purple PolarVue® HD Lenses by Jonathan Paul Fitovers Eyewear™ also has a base tint of grey for the time being, and similar qualities to green and blue, but with a vibrant twist. The purple mirror lens combination is great for high reduction of glare, improving color perception and contrast, while sharpening details. This lens color is best for snow and water activities but truly an all-purpose lens. Not only is it of great technology like its counterparts, it is also a unique, bright color for the fashion-forward athletes, drivers, or errand-runners alike.


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