Photobrown Extra Glass Lenses


The Photobrown Extra Glass lenses are designed for individuals who frequently transition between different lighting environments. Their key feature is the ability to adjust tint in response to UV light exposure.

The brown tint enhances color perception, making these lenses ideal for driving and fishing.  Their remarkable ability to automatically adjust their tint level grants wearers convenience and eye protection in various environments, effectively reducing glare and eye strain while shielding against harmful UV rays.




photobrown extra glass lenses

Key Features of PGX Lenses

  1. Photochromic Technology: PGX lenses utilize advanced photochromic technology, transitioning seamlessly from clear to dark in sunlight.
  2. UV Protection: They offer complete UV protection, safeguarding your eyes in various lighting conditions.
  3. Glass Material: Made from robust glass, these lenses are scratch-resistant, ensuring lasting clarity.

How to order Photobrown Extra Glass lenses

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Weight 16 oz


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