Sydney Love Eyewear


Fun, whimsical, and unique eyeglass frames! Sydney Love Eyeglasses Collection has trendy, unique styling with dynamic colorations and details. The patterns are inspired by the distinctive prints found in the Sydney Love handbag and accessories collections. The Sydney Love glasses brand emphasizes individuality, and trends with a twist.

The Eye Q Guarantee

  • Fair Prices for quality products
  • Innovative frame designs with exciting colors – Quality materials sourced from around the world to keep you competitive
  • Reliable delivery with Eye Q’s Five Star Dependability”
  • Attentive customer care – YOU are why we are here.  We pride ourselves on being responsive to your needs.
  • Professional sales force who can assist you with all of your requirements.

If you believe you must pay outrageous prices for ultra lightweight glasses frames, think again… Think EYE Q

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