How to Determine size for your Clip-on Flip-up Sunglasses

Dec 17, 2022

Clip-on Flip-up sunglasses are an ideal way for wearers of prescription glasses to protect their eyes from the sun. They can save the wearer money, since owning clip-ons means the wearer need not purchase prescription sunglasses.  Clip-on Flip-up sunglasses are placed on top of glasses and are held in place using a clip.  The range of colors and styles available makes them a popular choice for fashion-conscious people who cannot afford multiple prescription sunglasses.  This guide aims to show what to look for when purchasing clip-on flip-up sunglasses, to help buyers avoid purchasing counterfeits that may not offer UV protection. This guide also discusses the two main types of clip-on flip-up sunglasses that VS Eyewear sells, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Clip-On Flip-Up Sunglasses

The main advantage of wearing clip-on flip-up sunglasses is that they do not need to be constantly removed and put back on. They clip over the prescription glasses and can be flipped up or down according to the lighting conditions. The clip-on flip-up sunglasses are much smaller than standard clip-on sunglasses and are therefore not as noticeable. Clip-on flip-up sunglasses can remain on the frames of prescription sunglasses, so are less likely to get lost in a bag or a pocket. They are also less likely to damage prescription glasses as they do not need to be constantly removed. However, the hinge on clip-on flip-up sunglasses can break if not removed properly.

Advantages of Wearing Clip-on Flip-up Sunglasses

Wearing clip-on sunglasses is much cheaper than having to buy a separate prescription pair of sunglasses. Clip-on sunglasses can be easily removed or flipped up when the sun goes behind clouds or when walking indoors. They can also protect reading glasses from becoming scratched. Clip-on sunglasses are very durable and come in a range of colors and styles to fit precisely over prescription sunglasses.

It is less expensive to buy many different colors of clip-on frames than different pairs of sunglasses. This allows any fashion conscious glasses wearer to look as though they have many different sunglasses to suit all occasions. It is much easier to buy a new pair of clip on sunglasses than new prescription sunglasses if they become lost or broken.  Clip-on sunglasses are popular with sportsmen such as fishermen and golfers. They believe using clip-on sunglasses gives them the best sight possible for their sports and still protects their eyes from the sun’s dangerous rays.

Disadvantages of Wearing Clip-on Flip-up Sunglasses

Clip-on sunglasses can be prone to breaking. When they are removed, they may be placed in a pocket or a bag and can easily be bent, broken or scratched. Care must be taken to ensure that the clip-on sunglasses do not damage the rims of the prescription glasses. The clip-on sunglasses usually have some protection to prevent this from happening. However, if the clip-on sunglasses are too tight they may still scratch the frames. Clip-on frames must fit the prescription glasses. If they do not, then harmful UV rays can still damage the eye. Using clip-on sunglasses adds weight to prescription glasses. Although they are lightweight, they do make glasses seem slightly heavier than normal. When purchasing clip-on sunglasses it is important to check that they have a 100% UV rating. There are many less expensive clip-on sunglasses which offer no protection from UV rays.

How to Measure for Clip-on Flip-up sunglasses frames

The first step in choosing the correct clip-on frames is to compare the style of clip-on frames to the frames of the prescription sunglasses. Choose the nearest in style so that the clip-on frames will cover the entire prescription sunglasses frame. Measure the width of the glasses. Ensure that the glasses are measured in the middle. If the clip-on sunglasses are not available in the same size as the prescription glasses, it is important to make sure they are slightly larger. This ensures that the eyes are completely protected from the sun. Not all clip-on sunglasses are measured in inches; some are simply classed as small, medium and large.

You have to measure the width of the lens (A measurement) and the height of the lens (B measurement)  Remember it is always better to go a little larger than a little smaller.  The rectangular clip-on flip-up sunglasses offer the most variety with sizes and these can be worn over any shape frame for coverage.

Available Standard Polarized Lens Colors:     Brown      Grey       Copper       Yellow       Blu-Gard

20 Different Frame shapes and sizes to choose from all available in the above polarized len tints.

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When purchasing clip-on sunglasses, choose the item most suitable to your budget and lifestyle. Clip-ons are often far less expensive than prescription sunglasses and are available in many colors. This allows the fashion conscious wearer to change the color of the lenses for a lot less money than buying several pairs of sunglasses.  Clip-on Flip-up sunglasses are convenient because they do not need to be constantly removed.  Clip-on frames must be carefully fitted so they do not allow the UV rays of the sun through the edges of the glasses.  Going with a slightly larger lens is better than going slightly smaller, to assure you have full coverage.  The correct clip-on sunglasses protect the wearer from the sun while saving money and looking stylish.

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