Wiley X: The Most Durable Safety Sunglasses

Nov 12, 2021

Wiley X‘s core value is to protect your eyes to the extreme. By being a family, veteran-founded company, they have the knowledge needed to make them the most powerful prescription safety sunglasses on the market. They topped the charts of optical technology by realizing there are many dangers to the eyes in everyday life and creating a brand of safety prescription sunglasses that are made of the most quality materials, safety rated, and yes, even flame resistant. 

Everyday Dangers to the Eyes

When life can hurl anything at you, it is no surprise that the wind kicks up rocks, sticks, and sand, all of which can end up hitting the eyes. That’s why Wiley X’s high velocity and high impact standards matter. From rocks and gravel to the dangerous rays of the sun, there is plenty of danger to keep in mind when buying your next pair of safety glasses. ANSI Z87.1 certification is vital to Wiley X, so your eyes stay shielded from every potential threat. 

ANSI Z87.1 Certification

ANSI Z87.1 certification is the rigorous testing Wiley X puts all of their safety glasses through. It includes testing for protection from blunt force impact, radiation, splash, dust, and small particles. It is a uniform test that is repeated twenty times from various angles to ensure quality. 

The Most Durable Materials

Every pair of Wiley X safety glasses is crafted using selenite polycarbonate lenses, scratch-resistant T-shell coating, and triloid nylon frames. Polycarbonate sunglasses offer complete protection from the harmful rays of the sun in a lightweight plastic material that you will hardly notice when they are on. 

OSHA Inspected

If you work somewhere that requires regular OSHA inspections, such as in a warehouse or construction, you can feel assured your pair of Wiley X safety glasses will pass the test. 

VS Eyewear

Get your pair of Wiley X glasses from VS Eyewear where the entire collection is in stock. VS Eyewear is family-owned and operated with over thirty years of experience in glassworking and safety. We are partnered with the Phillips family, which has over one hundred years in the optical field. 

 Wiley X: The Most Durable Safety Sunglasses

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