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Lead Safety Glasses for Radiation Protection

Your eyes and eyesight are precious, and that’s why you have to do whatever you can to keep them safe. While most practitioners know that we need to protect ourselves from X-rays with leaded apron suits, lead shielding glasses, and other leaded barriers, we tend to forget and neglect the eyes. Most people protect the eyes from dust, debris, and excessive sunlight, among others, tending to assume how much risk radiation exposes our eyes to. Our lead safety glasses offer the highest quality protection made with distortion-free SF-6 Schott Glass Radiation-reducing lenses with .75mm lead equivalency. 

The eyes are susceptible to radiation such as X-rays. And suppose you are a radiologist or a medical professional in any other radiology field. In that case, you risk damaging the eyes’ iris, sclera, conjunctiva, retina, blood vessels, or even the entire eye. Patients who are also regularly exposed to X-rays, chemo, or other medical procedures involving radiation are at the risk of damaging their eyes.

Radiologists, cardiologists, regular patients, nurses, and other medical staff are likely to develop pre-cataract lesions for lack of the proper radiation safety eyewear.

Since some of these situations are inevitable to find oneself in, it is advisable to get yourself a pair of high-quality radiation or lead glasses from us at VS Eyewear.  We are all about variety, offering a wide collection of radiation safety eyewear for maximum protection to both practitioners and patients from potential harm due to radiation during health procedures.

Protective eyewear doesn’t to be all boring and monotonous. The number of brands for our radiation safety glasses is unlimited for you to choose that best suits your eye size and face. With variable frame features, frame material, frame style, size, and temples, everyone is guaranteed satisfaction when they visit VS Eyewear for their lead eyewear.

The Bottom Line about Lead safety glasses

Whether you are a radiologist or radiographer working or running a hospital, dental practice, or X-ray lab, getting the proper radiation safety eyewear is advisable to protect you and your patients from complications. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at VS Eyewear today and explore our high-quality radiation glasses.

 Lead Safety Glasses for Radiation Protection

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