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Buy Quality Wiley X Safety Glasses/Sunglasses

Today, there are more significant threats to eye health than there were in the past. People are now working with gadgets that emit light and particles that may negatively affect eye health. Besides, the general pollution in urban areas has a profound effect on the eyes. Therefore, it is important to protect your eyes. One of the leading safety glasses brands in the market is Wiley X.

Wiley X is a veteran-owned organization that has become a leader in developing reliable optical technology. The safety glasses from the company undergo rigorous testing to get the highest rating and ensure they are fit for applications for which they are used. 

Highest Safety Certifications

The safety glasses have passed the stringent Military Ballistic VO Impact Certification or the ANSI Z87. The ANSI Z87 certification ensures that the said glasses have passed high-velocity and some high-mass tests and can offer eye protection from the side. The certification standard also checks for dust and chemical splash protection.

On the other hand, Military Ballistic VO Impact Certification is offered to glasses that can withstand 3,8 mmm projectiles that hit them at a speed of up to 720 km/h. Goggles must withstand 5,56 mmm projectiles moving at up to 612 km/h. This means that the eyewear in question must be practically indestructible in many applications. 


Wiley X manufacturers also ensure that the sunglasses or safety eyewear are comfortable and look good on the face. They use a combination of lightweight and durable materials and provide various styles to match user preferences or head shapes. You can check our catalog for available styles. Besides, you can choose various frame materials and styles based on your preference, comfort, and budget.

VS Eyewear sells a comprehensive range of Wiley X safety prescription glasses. Visit our website or contact us to purchase the right safety eyewear.

 Buy Quality Wiley X Safety Glasses/Sunglasses

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