Transition Lenses; Why They Are Your Best Option

Transition Lenses; Why They Are Your Best Option

Oct 27, 2021

Working outdoors on an overly sunny day can be uncomfortable, especially if your eyes are sensitive or you wear prescription eyeglasses. With the right sunglasses, you are good to go. But imagine the hassle of having to carry two pairs of glasses, eyeglasses, and sunglasses and having to change between them every time you move outside and back inside?

You keep your eyes safe from the scorching sun without having to carry around two pairs of glasses. Transitions lenses or photochromic lenses are ideal for both indoors and outdoors as they automatically darken in excessive light and lighten when you are in softly lit or darker surroundings. These lenses give you the convenience of sunglasses without having to compromise your prescription eyeglasses or constantly switching between the two.

But how do they really work? Transition lenses have photochromic chloride and silver halide dyes that automatically darken when exposed to excess UV light or become clearer to their original state in less lit places or at night. The more intense the UV rays, the darker your lenses become and vice versa. The transition doesn’t occur at once; the lenses adapt to different light intensities, giving you the perfect shade for seeing with the amount of light comfortable for your eyes.

With the right pair of transition lenses from us at VS Eyewear, you will protect your eyes while you:

The Bottom Line

Transition lenses have been around for some time, helping people to comfortably work in different situations without having to take off or change their glasses. You can also get yourself yours at VS Eyewear today to enjoy the aforementioned benefits.

Please contact us today for a prescription and to enjoy our wide range of transition lenses.  

 Transition Lenses; Why They Are Your Best Option

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