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What Coating Options are Available for Prescription Lenses?

Buying quality prescription glasses is quite an investment. It does not hurt to spend a little more to safeguard prescription lenses from damage. Coating your prescription lenses may enhance their performance, improve their appearance, and enable them to stay longer in good condition.

Here are some coating options for your prescription glasses.

Anti- Reflective Coating

Anti-reflective coating is also called AR or anti-glare coating. It is a thin coat placed on your lenses to eliminate glare and reflections from the front and back. The coating also reduces halos around the light and makes the lenses nearly invisible. Anti-reflective coating is also highly recommended for aspheric, high-index, and aspheric polycarbonate lenses as they reflect more light than regular ones.

Scratch-resistant Coating

You might not see clearly if your lenses have scratches. Scratch-resistant coating is best applied to surfaces that are not scratch resistant, such as Trivex, CR-39 plastic, and polycarbonate lenses. It hardens the surface against any scratch, large and small, which reduces the hazy appearance, even on clean lenses. This increases the lifespan of the lenses.

Ultra-violet (UV) Protection Coating

UV light is an invisible light spectrum but can cause scarring and eye burning. Many lenses have the inbuilt functionality to block UV rays. However, any lenses that do not state the UV screening level may require additional UV protection. This coating is not required for polycarbonate lenses because they have robust UV protection.

Anti-fog Coating

Fog is water that adheres to the surface of the glass. The anti-fog coating prevents the adhesion of water to the surface, thereby keeping the lenses clear. We recommend the coating for people who live in hot and humid areas and engage in strenuous physical activities, such as regular exercises. These activities can lead to fogging around the eyes.

Choose the coating that best improves the functionality and appearance of your glasses. VS Eyewear can help determine the best coating for your lenses and install one for you. Contact us today for assistance.

 What Coating Options are Available for Prescription Lenses?

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