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Anti-Fog Permanent Coating for Glasses – How Does It Work?

Eyeglasses are designed for two main purposes: to protect your eyes and enhance your vision – all while complementing your good looks, of course. However, one common problem compromises both functions: fogging. 

Fogging is Dangerous and Irritating 

Fogging is dangerous because it blurs and distorts your vision, leaving you vulnerable to potential dangers. It is especially dangerous when using safety glasses and working in potentially dangerous environments, such as in warehouses with lots of moving parts. 

Fogging is also irritating. Fog tends to form on the glasses repeatedly within minutes, interrupting your work to wipe your glasses. Unfortunately, fogging has become even more of a problem since people started wearing masks as a protection against the coronavirus, because all the hot air you breathe out escapes upwards. Fortunately, it is a problem with a lasting solution. 

Anti-Fog Permanent Coating – A Lasting Solution 

Anti-fog coating is just that: an additional layer of coating on the lenses to prevent fog from forming. The anti-fog coating comprises safe chemicals that work at a molecular level to prevent the tiny droplets that causing fogging from forming. 

Anti-fog coating causes the humid air against the glasses to collect as tiny droplets of water. You can see through these droplets easily so that your vision will not be compromised. Additionally, these droplets trickle down the rims and fall off, saving you the hassle of having to wipe your eyeglasses after every few minutes. 

Anti-fog glass coating solutions come in two types: permanent and temporary. Permanent coating costs slightly more than temporary coating, but you never have to worry about fogging again. 

We Have a Permanent Solution 

Our goal at VS Eyewear is to ensure that your eyewear works perfectly. Our solutions include VS Eyewear’s Permanent Anti-Fog Coating for Glasses. One application lasts a lifetime, and they work for all types of eyeglasses. Get in touch today to learn more about our solutions. 

 Anti-Fog Permanent Coating for Glasses – How Does It Work?

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