Selecting Laser Safety Eyewear

Jul 2, 2021

Lasers are useful tools in numerous fields, such as medicine, research, industrial, etc. The downside to using lasers is safety concerns. Especially eye hazards.  

Ordinary sunglasses do not protect your eyes against lasers. Only eyewear made for protecting against lasers, such as laser safety glasses, should be used when lasers are in use. Laser safety eyewear made for specific wavelength bands and Optical Density (OD) for the lase used is required equipment. 

Optical Density (OD)

OD is a measurement of how much light is absorbed by the material of the lens. 

Laser Classes

Lasers are classified by their: 

  • Energy
  • Wavelength
  • Duration of exposure
  • The cross-section area of the beam 

The weakest to strongest classes are 1, 1 product, 1M, 2, 2M, 3R, and 4. It is crucial to know the class and the wavelength of the laser radiation to ensure proper eyewear use. 

Types of Laser Lenses Material

The two types of lens material in laser glasses are glass and plastic. Glass lenses absorb the laser energy using rare elements. Plastic lenses block certain wavelengths by using specific inorganic dyes. 

Choose the lens material that is best for your situation. 

Choosing Laser Eyewear 

Deciding which laser safety eyewear to use depends on several factors.  

Type of Eyewear

What type of eyewear is best for your situation?  

  • Aviator
  • Double bridge
  • Fitover
  • Goggles
  • Rectangle
  • Wrap-around 
  • Face shield 

The Laser Used

Knowing the wavelength and power of the laser are imperative in determining which lenses are needed. Use of the wrong lenses could result in severe eye damage, including blindness. If you would like guidance regarding which lenses to use, or have other questions, contact VS Eyeware

Type of Lens Filter

Select the lens filter for the type of laser used. VS Eyewear has lenses for a wide variety of laser safety lens filters. 

Frame Styles

VS Eyewear has several frame styles for men and women. Different frame materials are also available. With over 75 brands to select from, you are sure to find the correct laser safety eyewear for you. 

You only get one pair of eyes. Protect them with laser safety eyewear from VS Eyewear. 

If you would like assistance in selecting which eyewear you need or have any questions, contact us.

 Selecting Laser Safety Eyewear

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