AR Lenses for Driving at Night with Astigmatism

AR Lenses for Driving at Night with Astigmatism

Mar 3, 2021

Optometrists often recommend that astigmatism patients pay extra to add anti-reflective (AR) coating to their prescription lenses, but a lot of patients forego this expensive upgrade because it isn’t usually covered by insurance. This can be a big mistake. Have you ever noticed how it’s hard to see someone’s eyes in a picture because of the glare on their glasses? That should give you an idea just how reflective glasses can be without AR technology.  

Anyone who wears glasses wants to avoid that glare, but people who have astigmatism tend to benefit the most from anti-reflective lenses. With astigmatism, you might be able to rough it on the computer without the coating by turning down the brightness on your monitor. However, driving at night is another story. When you’re wearing your prescription glasses, the glare from oncoming headlights can appear to spread out, and you can’t judge exactly where those other vehicles are. This can make driving at night terrifying and even dangerous, depending on the severity of your astigmatism.  

Some optometry patients mistakenly confuse anti-reflective coating with anti-scratch coating. These are two different things. So even if you paid extra for anti-scratch lenses, you’re still going to be uncomfortable driving at night with astigmatism. A lot of people avoid driving at night at all simply because they’ve never tried AR lenses–and they don’t even realize they need them.  

If you have astigmatism but didn’t get the AR coating when you purchased your glasses, there’s an easy solution. All you need is a pair of clip-on night driving glasses, which are probably more affordable than you think. Not only do these lenses have an anti-reflective film, but they provide better contrast during the day and more light for driving at night. If you only need AR lenses for driving at night, keep a pair of clip-ons in the car, and your problem is solved.   Visit VS Eyewear for more information on AR lenses.

 AR Lenses for Driving at Night with Astigmatism

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