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Taking It to the Street With Night Driving Glasses

If you are like most people, driving at night can be a challenge. Not only are you dealing with lower light levels, but the light that you do see is primarily coming from oncoming traffic. This type of direct light tends to cause glare on the windshields of most vehicles. This glare is a distortion of light that can make it extremely difficult to see. Even the lighting from a parking lot or a street lamp can produce the same glaring effect as oncoming vehicles. To find out more about the various options available with night driving glassescontact us at VS Eyewear.

Night Blindness

Night blindness (also known as nyctalopia) means an impairment of vision. Regardless of what the name suggests, night blindness doesn’t mean that you can’t see at night. Night blindness implies that it is more difficult to see at night or in dimly lit areas (such as walking into a building in the middle of the day). This vision impairment is affected the most when the eyes are trying to adjust from a bright environment to a lower light situation. When driving at night, the intermittent brightness of street lights or headlights can cause eyes to adapt constantly. Glare on the windshield can make things even worse. A pair of night driving glasses can significantly improve vision in this type of situation. 

Night Driving Glasses

Night driving glasses used to be known as shooting glasses because they were so popular with duck hunters. Hunters still use this type of eyewear because of the sharp contrast it makes between flying birds and the sky. Even though hunters don’t hunt ducks at night, they do hunt them early in the morning when there is a transition to light. The same concept applies to night driving glasses (only with improvements made for driving at night). Contact us at VS Eyewear today for more information. 

 Taking It to the Street With Night Driving Glasses

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