Laser Safety Glasses Keep You Safe

Sep 18, 2020

When working with lasers, it’s critical that you get the correct PPE to protect your eyes. Laser safety glasses are offered in a wide array of filters, meeting the needs of various applications. The wavelengths that these filters protect against can vary, and are measured in optical density (OD). Optical density is a measure of how much of a given wavelength can penetrate the lens. For most applications, OD5 or higher is required, filtering out 99.999% of the laser wavelength. Check the material specifications of a given filter to make sure that it meets your PPE needs.

It’s critically important to protect your eyes from laser radiation. Exposure can cause a variety of conditions depending on the wavelength of laser you’re exposed to, from cataracts and burns to blindness. You need laser safety PPE to protect one of your most valuable assets — your vision. But for those who already wear prescription glasses, the hassle of dealing with frames which fit over existing prescription glasses can be frustrating, especially with their tendency to be cumbersome to keep in place for long periods. For those cases, prescription laser protective eyewear is available as well, providing both protection and vision correction, allowing you to work with greater comfort.

Lasers can cause long-term damage to vision without protection. This is why it’s so critical to have eye protection that’s both comfortable and practical when working with them, and our laser safety glasses are available in two different styles and colors and a variety of filter materials, to meet both your prescription and protection requirements. VS Eyewear is able to meet your needs for both laser protective eyewear and equipment in addition to standard eyewear. Check out our range of available laser safety gear here, or feel free to contact us with any questions or for assistance.

 Laser Safety Glasses Keep You Safe

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