Protection Without Compromise: Prescription Safety Glasses

Sep 18, 2020

Protecting your eyes is one of the most crucial safety activities you’ll ever be charged with. While it seems simple enough to just put some shatterproof goggles over your face, anyone wearing prescription lenses at the moment understands that it may not be that easy. Unless they’re made specifically to fit over glasses, any kind of safety goggles or glasses are a tough fit for your face. To put it simply, you’re being asked to choose between protection and the ability of sight, the absence of either being quite a problem in a dangerous environment.

Thankfully, some genius finally came along and realized that this is a problem and created prescription safety glasses to fix it. Rather than choosing between your prescription lenses and safety glasses, this handy invention just combines the two into a single unit. It’s really that simple.

Made with sturdy nylon and shatterproof plastic lenses, these glasses are far tougher than your standard prescription lenses with the same visual ability you’d get from your standard set. They even come in a ton of different sizes, styles, colors, and shapes just to ensure you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety. Many styles also include side shields along the frame for added protection, making these glasses all-around eye protection. They might even threaten to replace your standard pair with all of this going for them.

Whether you work in a place with lots of potential hazards or just enjoy the added safety while you’re on the job or having fun, prescription safety glasses are a great investment that anyone can make for little more than the price of a standard pair of prescription lenses. To learn more about these or any number of other fantastic types of glasses and lenses, contact VS Eyewear today with any questions you might have.

 Protection Without Compromise: Prescription Safety Glasses

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