3 Reasons to Try Welding Glasses

Oct 21, 2019

Eye safety is no laughing matter, especially if you work in a field with plenty of risk for harm.

Welding and brazing, in particular, pose numerous risks to the health of your eyes, either through sparks and bits of material flying into them or the extremely bright lights that occur during normal operations. While the normal solution to this problem is a face mask, an equally valid alternative are specialized safety glasses.

Though they lack the full-face protection of a welding mask, welding glasses come with a host of benefits that can make up for this. To demonstrate, here’s three reasons to try welding glasses when you’re on the job.

1. Comfort

First and foremost, it’s plain to see that a pair of glasses is a lot more comfortable to wear than a full mask. While it won’t block quite as much debris, they do protect your eyes just fine. Additionally, outside of getting right up into a job, they’re more than useful for most tasks. They also make navigating a welding shop more safe overall as you won’t have to fear getting blinded when you walk in on someone else at work.

2. Convenience

Lugging around a welding mask with you wherever you go on the off chance that you might need some eye protection just isn’t feasible. Glasses, on the other hand, are extremely portable, light, and easy to carry. Even if it’s just around the shop, being able to keep your welding glasses in your pocket to deploy at a moment’s notice makes things that much easier and safer when you’re doing your job.

3. Utility

The utility of welding glasses can’t be understated. Playing into both comfort and convenience, wearing welding glasses is an easier task than a welding mask. Given that there are prescription welding glasses you can buy, it simplifies the process of protecting your eyes compared to wearing a large mask over your glasses, an uncomfortable prospect on the best of days.

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