DEC 21

Heavy Prescription: Thin Lenses

For years those afflicted with the curse of imperfect and blurry vision have been weighed down by thick, bulky lenses. From day one these unlucky individuals were set to a lifetime of ridicule by the very instruments that help them see the world. Thankfully, we now exist in the 21st century with advanced prescription technology allowing us to not only see well, but look good doing it. Though until VS Eyewear came into the picture, getting thin lenses cheap wasn’t an option available to most.

But choosing to purchase thin lenses shouldn’t just be based on looks, but on science. Let’s call in our old friend physics. How exactly do prescription lenses work? The glass or plastic lenses enable us to see by refracting and capturing the light bouncing off objects around us and channeling the result directly into the focal point (ergo your cones and rods.) By using this simple piece of age-old math and science a simple formula appears: The thinner the material, the faster the refraction rate, the clearer the picture.

VS Eyewear has chosen to side with science in their quest to distribute effective and sturdy eye wear at affordable prices. They, as a company, have simultaneously blasted open the door to this ground breaking prescription technology and have captured the means to make it easily accessible to the masses. With a wide range of options in their online store varying from plastic and poly carbonate to glass and Trivex, not a single customer will leave feeling unsatisfied.

This is a company that values its customers and wants them to not only be satisfied with their glasses, but also feel good wearing them.

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