Four Tips for Improving Your Night Driving Vision

Dec 21, 2017

Nighttime is a dangerous time to drive. Your vision is limited to the section of road lit up by your headlights. You may be feeling tired, and the glare from oncoming traffic is blinding. Many of the drivers you share the road with are also having these very same difficulties, which further increases the danger. Drive safely at night using these four suggestions:

Don’t Over Drive Your Headlights

Over driving your headlights means your stopping distance is farther than you can see down the road. If you suddenly see a road obstruction, you won’t be able to stop in time. The solution is to drive at a slower speed, which will shorten your stopping distance. If your headlights are dim, make sure they’re clean and properly aimed. When you encounter nighttime fog or rain, slow down further.

See Your Eye Doctor

See your doctor once every two years if your eyes are healthy. If you’re having difficulty seeing while night driving, see a doctor as soon as possible. There are many health conditions that may diminish your night vision. Sometimes the problem is age related. Vision changes often occur near the age of 40, which will require your wearing glasses with corrective lenses. This condition, called presbyopia, makes night driving more difficult.

Avoid Looking at Bright Lights

Avoid looking at street lights, flood lights, and the headlights of oncoming traffic. Lighting technology is getting better, which makes lighting more blinding than ever. Look at the right side of the road when passing by oncoming traffic.

Wear Night Driving Glasses

Night driving glasses from VS Eyewear block glare from bright external lights, including the headlights of other cars. It does this with a special coating on the front and back surfaces of the lenses. Of course, when wearing night driving glasses, you should still observe the above suggestions because they all work together to increase your night driving safety.

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