Prescription Lens Options: Have You Considered OCR?

Nov 28, 2017

Most people know how braces work. You go to the dentist, and he attaches them to your teeth. As time passes, the braces pull your teeth into a straighter pattern, and it happens so gradually that you don’t even notice. Overnight corneal reshaping does the same thing, but it does it for your eyes, instead of your teeth.  Overnight Corneal Reshaping: It’s Like Braces for Your Eyes

The way OCR works is that, before you go to bed, you put on a set of special contact lenses. What these lenses do is, while you sleep, they re-shape your corneas. Your corneas are the outermost part of your eye, and defects in them are responsible for a lot of people needing to wear glasses to see better. These special contacts gradually re-shape your cornea, correcting these problems. The result is that, when you wake up and take your special lenses out, that you can see better than before you went to sleep.

There’s no surgery involved with OCR. The changes it makes to your eyes are gradual, and totally reversible. So, if they aren’t working for you, you can just take them out, and go back to life as it is now. On the other hand, if you’re tired of wearing contacts and glasses during the day, then you may as well try wearing a special pair of them at night.

OCR is not for everyone, and if you need traditional glasses we offer a wide variety of prescription lens options at VS Eyewear. If you want us to help you see better, simply contact us today!

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