Prescription Lens Options: High Index Plastic Lenses

Sep 16, 2017

Decades ago, people whose vision required a strong prescription had no choice but to wear glasses that distorted the appearance of their eyes.

The lenses were made from either standard glass or plastic. Over time, lens material technology advanced to the point where thinner lenses made from high index materials became available. High index lenses bend light more sharply than standard lenses, which means they require less thickness to correct vision.

This allows people requiring strong prescriptions to wear glasses with thin lenses. However, high index lenses cost more than standard plastic or glass lenses. This has prompted some people to ask if high index lenses are worth the extra cost. The answer depends on individual preferences and lifestyles. To help you decide, here are their two main benefits:

They’re Thinner

This means they don’t distort your appearance. This can be important for people in certain professions that involve lots of interaction with other people. When dealing with people professionally, you don’t want your appearance to distract their attention. High index lenses won’t do this and will give you a professional edge.

Thin lenses are also compatible with more frame styles. This widens your stylistic options. You can either choose frame styles to make a statement, or styles that are barely noticeable, or styles that flatter your personal features.

They’re Lighter

Heavy lenses aren’t conducive to a physically active lifestyle. Running, jumping, hiking, backyard sports, or even playing with your kids involve a lot of movement that will cause a heavy pair of glasses to slide down your nose or even fall off, which can potentially damage them. High index lenses don’t have these problems because they’re lightweight. In addition, they’re compatible with athletic frame styles.

Be Sure to Get an Anti Reflective Coating

One problem with high index lenses is that they’re highly reflective. This produces a lot of glare, which makes night driving difficult if not dangerous. Fortunately, an anti reflective coating eliminates this problem. Most eye doctors recommend getting an anti reflective coating on high index lenses.

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