The Many Uses of Polarized Clip on Flip up Sunglasses

Jul 6, 2017

Protecting yourself from on-again off-again sun glare can be difficult. For example, the irregular sunlight of partly cloudy days will keep you busy switching between sunglasses and your regular eyeglasses. The same problem occurs when an activity requires your repeatedly going indoors and outdoors such as moving furniture from a truck into a new house. It is in these all-too-common circumstances, that polarized clip on flip up sunglasses are so well suited. Here are three other situations:


Glare is especially harsh when the sun is low and reflective surfaces are everywhere. Wet pavement, snow, and car windows are just a few of the surfaces that reflect blinding glare at a time when you need to pay attention to the traffic. When you’re on a curvy road, road glare becomes an on-again off-again problem. The ability to quickly flip up or flip down a set of clip on polarized sunglasses is brilliant.

Water Activities

When you’re on the water or near it on a partly cloudy day, the glare can be intense or nonexistent depending on the cloud cover. This is often encountered when boating, fishing, or enjoying the beach. Polarized clip on flip up sunglasses are convenient in these situations.

Polarization technology is useful when peering beneath the water’s surface. Instead of seeing reflected sky, polarized clip ons allow your vision to probe the watery depths for fish or obstacles that might damage your boat.

Enjoying Outdoor Scenery

When you hike to the top of a scenic outlook and see little more than distant haze, it can be a disappointing experience. Photographers get around this problem by using a polarizing lens on their cameras to cut through the haze. You can use the same trick with your polarized clip on flip up sunglasses and enjoy the scenery regardless of the haze.

In the winter, the intense glare of surrounding snow also affects your enjoyment of the outdoors. Again, polarized clip on sunglasses will prove invaluable.

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