APR 13

UVA Study Helps Emphasis the Need for Visionaries Polarized Clip-Ons and More

With summer approaching faster than bees to spring flowers, it’s time to think about the sun’s rays. We all know that overexposure has the potential to cause damage to our homes, cars, patio furnishings and lawns.

It can also leave behind wicked sunburns and cause other harm too. How do we know that for sure? For years, scientists have been examining the hot, plasma-filled center of our solar system and its effect on our bodies.

As such, they believe that Visionaries polarized clip-ons and other protective eyewear must be worn by people who plan on spending a lot of time outdoors this summer. For proof, read The Journal of Biological Chemistry sometime. They often publish papers about the sun, in particular its ability to emit UVA light. One of the more recent ones pertaining to eye health appeared in two of their summer 2014 editions.

We’ve attached a link to the eyewear related article here for your reading convenience. It contained data showing that lack of protection could lead to eye problems, mainly cataracts. News agencies are quick to point out how prevalent cataracts are among certain segments of the population. With that noted, the elderly and diabetic are often most at risk as are people with hepatitis. If you include yourself in at least one of those three groups, we’d certainly recommend Visionaries polarized clip-ons.

Visionaries polarized clip-ons make it easy for seniors, diabetics and others to adequately protect their eyes from the sun. They’re a cinch to affix to pairs of prescription and non-prescription glasses. Plus, they’ll keep 400 nm rays from reaching the most critical parts of a person’s eyes. That’s a lot considering how much of the rays manage to reach the earth. To learn more in time to safely enjoy some summer fun, please contact VS Eyewear today.

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