Night Driving Glasses: Giving People the Freedom to Enjoy After Hours Events

Dec 17, 2016

You notice there’s a great, special event scheduled to take place in your city. At first you’re excited but that quickly turns to disappointment when you realize the event won’t will kick off until after dark. It’s your bad night vision. It always makes attending evening events next to impossible. Oh, if only there was a way to see clearly at night!

sl3012-ylwGuess what, there is a way. Ask your optometrist about night driving glasses. They’re designed for people with astigmatism and other conditions that often affect one’s ability to travel safely at night. We’re not sure if you’re aware but most night driving problems are related to pupil function. As they dilate, they allow headlights from passing traffic and other sources reach our retinas.

Night driving glasses interrupt that flow of light and make it more manageable. As such, drivers are able to withstand the light from oncoming vehicles, traffic signs, lamp posts and brilliant storefronts. The interruption is caused by specific coatings meant to thwart intense light of all types, including snow, water and sun glare. In addition, some pairs of night driving glasses come with other enhancements to make them more useful for many drivers.

There are numerous companies who manufacture night driving glasses. However, we tend to advocate for two brands in particular, Sheer Vision and Sheer Glare. Both are excellent choices for people with astigmatism related, night driving problems. The major difference between the two lines is lens tint. Collections of night driving glasses often feature a choice of six distinct tints, which all serve a unique function. But don’t worry about choosing the wrong tint. Night driving glasses are inexpensive enough to allow for the purchase of multiple pairs. To learn more about the various tints and frame available in these collections, please contact us today.

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