Polarized Fishing Sunglasses Catch More Fish

Jun 2, 2016

Sun exposure causes permanent damage to eyes.  Glare off water is especially harmful because it is several times brighter than ambient light.  Light normally travels out from a source.  It scatters in a vertical and horizontal manner, while light reflected off water orients only along the horizontal axis.
Standard sunglasses are beneficial in protecting eyes by diminishing all perceived light.  While helpful, normal sunglasses do not provide the necessary filtration to permit visibility through the glare of reflection.  Polarized sunglasses, however, have a special chemical filter that reflects this glare. By filtering this glare, polarized sunglasses reduce eye fatigue, headaches and stress.

While many fishermen point to their line, hook, rod or lure as their most vital piece of equipment, polarized fishing sunglasses catch more fish.  The reduction in glare off the water allows fishermen to see what lies beneath the surface, offering the following benefits.

1-During the technique of “sight fishing”, it is imperative that the fisherman be able to see the fish underwater.  This fly-fishing technique is especially helpful when fishing for Trout.  By visibly locating the fish, the fisherman can present the fly ahead of the fish, while keeping himself downriver of the event.

2-When pitching bait to a Bass under cover, it is important for the fisherman to visibly locate the type of plant life the Bass prefers.  Being able to pinpoint vegetation “holes” allows the fisherman to cast lures into the Bass’s hunting ground without startling the fish.

3-Obstacles beneath the water cause accidents to fishermen and their boats. Being able to quickly identify logs, rocks, and tree stumps prevents fisherman from striking debris with their boat, or stumbling while wading.  This vision also permits fishermen to quickly untangling line from such snags.

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