Are Your Prescription Eyeglasses The Cause Of Your Headaches?

Jun 2, 2016

Have you been experiencing headaches while wearing your current prescription eyeglasses? Well, there is good news. You are not the only person who has this experience and there is usually a reason for these headaches.
Many of times it can be due to the prescription. You may not think that is the cause, but for many people it is. You could think that you were given the same prescription you had before, but you will definitely want to check for certain.


If you are not sure about the actual prescription, you should take them to be checked. Sometimes prescriptions can be changed by accident, and any little change can cause some painful headaches.

If you have received a prescription that is brand new, you will want to have these checked as well because they are probably the wrong prescription. The eye doctor may tell you it is normal and that your eyes will adjust and you will get used to the glasses. However, you should go with your gut feeling and have the lenses checked.

You do not want to be told that you will eventually get used to the glasses and that the headaches will go away. What if the headaches do not go away and things only become worse for you?


We know there are a number of reasons why a person can experience a headache. Unfortunately, many people do not think their headaches are caused by their prescription eyeglasses. You may be surprised at how quickly the headaches can stop when your prescription is changed.

If you are tired of the headaches and you think your prescription eyeglasses could be the problem, you should probably consider making a few adjustments to your lenses and even your frames. Contact us today to discover how a change in eyeglasses can solve your headache problem.

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