Polarized Clip-on Flip-up Sunglasses: Efficient, Safe, Practical

Apr 7, 2016

Protecting your eyes from UV rays reflecting back at you from sand, snow, water or pavement is important, but too many times people forego protecting their eyes because of some inconvenience like interference with prescription glasses.

That’s why polarized clip-on flip-up sunglasses are an excellent investment for your vision.

These lenses attach easily and firmly to your prescription glasses, providing the clarity you need when you’re enjoying your favorite outdoor activities or driving home from work. When you turn into a shady cove on the lake or run into the school building to pick up your kids, just flip your shades up out of your way. When you’re back into the sun, you don’t have to hunt for where you left your shades, just flip them back down.


For the safety and health of your eyes, you need polarized lenses to prevent harmful UV rays from reflecting off of things and damaging your eyes. Only polarized lenses will provide this protection. Other sunglasses provide shade to your eyes, causing your pupils to dilate. If the lenses are not polarized, the enlarged pupils allow more of the harmful UV radiation to enter, which may cause burning of the eye.

How does polarization work?

When light reflects, causing glare, it bounces back off a surface with a horizontal polarization. Polarized lenses are polarized vertically, which stops the horizontal light energy from permeating the lens and entering your eye.

Sunglasses come in a multitude of colors. Which color will work best for you depends on where and when you’ll be using them the most. Contact us today, and we’d be glad to help you choose the ideal lenses for your lifestyle.

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