Fitovers: AN IDEAL Fishing Sunglass

Jul 28, 2015

Are you experiencing sunglasses that will help your fishing strategy, as well as protect your eyes?

If you wear prescription glasses, don’t sacrifice health or visual acuity while fishing – you can wear 100% UVA/B protection without removing your eyeglasses or using clip-ons. With a great reputation in the fishing community and high customer satisfaction, Jonathan Paul Fitovers Eyewear™ designs a comfortable and durable over-the-glasses sunwear solution for trips on the water. Using state of the art technology, JP Fitovers™ Sunglasses are made with comfort and durability with variety in size and style to match anyone’s needs.


More about JP Fitovers & how they are able to improve your fishing:

Amber Lens Choices: Amber lenses tend to be more when compared to a fashion statement – also, they are great eyesight enhancers. The amber tint blocks a lot of the colour spectrum’s hazy finish, adding more comparison to your eyesight, which gives you with crisp eyesight. Additionally, this allows one to clearly find out shapes more, enhances your depth perception, reduces glare, and will be ideal for fishing in places with changeable weather designs. With regards to fishing, they are all great advantages as distance must be judged, your concentrate is against natural moss or blue water, and in case any of your fishing trips come in lower light situations.

Polarization for All Lens Colors: JP Fitovers™ amber lenses are also polarized and made with polycarbonate material for extended durability. However, if you prefer other lens colors for any reason, you’ll still have the benefit of polarization, as all 8 lenses color options by JP Fitovers are polarized and contain our signature Polarvue® Technology.



Wrap Around Design in 25 Styles: You can find 25 style selections by JP Fitovers and, if they feature aspect lenses or not, all of them are made with a wrap-around suit. This wrap around style is ideal for full defense from Ultra violet rays or particles and features brow pubs which help cut sunlight glare from above.

Case & Neck Cord Included: Every single JP Fitovers™ bought from registered merchants or directly from the online store has a neck cord, cleanup cloth, and travel case. Using a secure throat cord is essential when fishing and that means you don’t reduce your sunglasses therefore that you may easily put on or remove your Fitovers™ without misplacing them.



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