Steritouch Dental Radiation Lead Apron


Dental Radiation Lead Apron is a lightweight lead apron with 0.375mm Pb lead equivalency protection. Available in eight different colors and patterns, the Dental Radiation Lead Apron is comfortable and offers chest, shoulder, neck, and thyroid protection. Plus this adult dental apron is quick and easy to use with velcro closure.

In addition, these dental lead apron includes hanging loops by the collar for easy storage on apron hanger or peg racks.




Our Dental lead aprons have the primary purpose of protecting the wearer’s internal organs during dental X-rays. This is because of the serious damage that may occur if the organs have exposure to radiation without protective gear. They also have the capability to protect all other essential parts of the body from radiation exposure. Our lead aprons work by blocking the radiation before it is able to reach the inner parts of the body. They do this while simultaneously not hindering the results of dental X-rays.  Medical professionals can fully read the results of their imaging without worrying if the patient had exposure. Additionally, even though dental X-rays are generally only on the mouth area, radiation exposure can still occur in parts lower on the body. This is why a full-size lead apron is great during dental X-rays.

One of our most popular collections for men and women is our dental lead aprons collection. In fact, a lead apron is an ultra-protective lead clothing item. It is primarily used to protect dental patients from radiation exposure during dental X-rays. A lead apron is made out of a thin rubber material on the outside and a lead center material on the inside. While the patient is wearing the apron while undergoing dental X-rays, their bodies and organs have protection. This protection is primarily against the harmful and often irreversible effects of scatter radiation. In fact, these dental lead aprons appear as a regular apron. They typically attach in the back and hang down toward the knees.

We operate with a strong commitment to provide our customers with the best radiation protection. Our consumers are often medical professionals that operate in high-risk surgical and Interventional procedure environments. Additionally, those who purchase our products are often dentists and dental workers. Therefore, we work hard to provide these customers with the best lead protective equipment on the market. In fact, our ever-growing team of trained and experienced manufacturing professionals offer the best solutions available for dental radiation protection. Also, we take pride in our ability to provide affordable and applicable solutions through state-of-the-art technologies and modern equipment.

We are proud of the carefully curated selection of four different lead dental apron sizes that we carry. They also come with removable and attached thyroid shields, which protect against the threat of thyroid cancer from exposure to radiation. Our team at Attenutech is constantly working to equip our customers with top tier protection for themselves and their patients. We supply our customers with the proper information to properly and fully protect the wearer. Thankfully, here at Attenutech, we have made it our mission to make the ordering and sizing process as streamlined and easy as possible.

Therefore, we are extremely proud to carry a full line of X ray lead aprons for radiation protection. Additionally, we carry more lighter-weight lead composite and non-lead aprons. While standard, regular lead aprons contain 100% lead, this makes them the heaviest X-ray protection aprons we offer. Lighter lead-composite and non-lead aprons are typically more costly, but they’re 25% – 40% lighter than a similar 100% lead apron. Also, our radiation protection dental lead aprons come in a wide range of fabric colors. In fact, many include optional features such as pockets or embroidery. We have products that include a sewn-in thyroid collar or with a sewn in Collar. Also, we sell several styles of thyroid collars that can be added to any of our X-ray protection aprons.

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Additional information

Weight 112 oz
Specify Color

Black, Cyan, Camo, Leopard, Penguin, Pirate, Skull, Stars


144 oz

Lead Equivalency

0.25mmPb Lead Equivalency


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