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Leader Sports Glasses is a great choice if you and your family enjoy a wide variety of sports—including water sports. Whether you enjoy playing basketball, tennis, or snorkeling at your local beach, Leader Sport Eyewear can provide the clearest vision and maximal comfort. In other words, by purchasing Leader Sport Eyewear, you can place all of your attention on the sport that you love, rather than worrying about your eyewear falling off of your head.

All Leader Sport Eyewear by Hilco is designed to protect both children and adults on the sports field. They are great for sports like soccer, basketball, racket sports, and—depending on the model—water sports. For instance, the XRX Adult Dive Mask with Rx Adapter is a versatile, lightweight mask that can provide you with exceptional vision when you are underwater. The Leader T-Zone Sport Goggle comes supplied with temples (also known as arms) and a head strap. The temples are padded which improve grip. For your kids, there is the Leader Jam’n Children’s Sport Goggle. These glasses provide maximum airflow to minimize fogging when your child plays tennis, squash, or other racket sports. At Rx-Safety, we are proud to offer a wide range of Leader Sport Eyewear that you can use in nearly every sport.

By purchasing Leader Sport Eyewear, you can be confident that your glasses will remain in place when you are in the heat of a game or match. Along with this security and durability, these glasses are simply stylish. They come in a wide range of colors like black, clear and black, navy blue, red and silver.

No matter the sport you play, you will be able to find some Leader Sport Eyewear that best suit you. We invite you to scan through our collection and reach out if you have any questions about these glasses.

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