Oakley Radiation Glasses

Oakley Radiation glasses

We are proud to announce our new line of Oakley radiation glasses. We have selected to carry the Leadline, Sylas, Turbine, Holbrook XL, Holbrook, and Gascan. These radiation glasses are high-quality polycarbonate and are distortion-free. This makes them lightweight and comfortable to wear on your face all day. Oakley has a loyal customer following and has earned its reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and reliability from years of experience. That resonates with our team at Phillips Safety, and we are proud to be able to carry a line that can provide that level of protection and security for our customers.

At VS Eyewear, we commit ourselves to fully equipping our customers with safety eye gear that protects them in harsh environments. We are incredibly proud in particular of our carefully selected line of radiation glasses. Radiation glasses protect your eyes from the harmful effects of radiation. This level of protection is significant for our customers that work in labs, offices, and medical settings where the risk of radiation exposure is high.

While working with radiation, your eyes are one of the most easily damaged and at-risk parts of your body. Also, you can damage the lens of your eyes irreversibly, even by the lowest doses of radiation. This damage often presents itself in the form of radiation induced cataracts. Having good eyesight is often necessary for those who work in the medical field or any segment involving radiation. Those who work in the lab can also suffer from these harmful effects, especially when using the microscope or lasers.

At VS Eyewear, we are confident that we can protect our customers from the harmful effects of radiation. Additionally, radiation glasses provide the perfect balance between weight, comfort, protection, and style. Our mission is to provide the best radiation safety glasses available online. Check out our line of Oakley radiation glasses and prescription radiation glasses today!


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