High Index Glass Lenses

High Index glass lenses

Prescription glass lenses are lenses made of high quality real glass and are customized to correct a person’s specific vision impairment, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism.  High Index Glass prescription lenses can be made in a variety of frame shapes and styles.

High index glass lenses are considered the highest quality of optical lens material since its creation. Prescription Eyeglasses with real glass lenses are incredibly durable and offer the clearest possible vision.

Single Vision and Progressive High Index lenses are for the strongest prescriptions and are only available for eyeglasses with full frames, no drill mount or semi-rimless frames.  We recommend high index glass lenses for frames with small lenses to reduce the weight of your glasses, because we’ve found that overall eyeglass weight plays a big role in overall comfort.

In general, high index glass lenses perform better than high index plastic lenses and the glass high index lens is the highest quality lens material that we offer. When you order High Index Glass lenses, we automatically add a free anti-reflective coating for you, free of charge, because glass high index lenses tend to have issues with glare if a coating is not added.

Real glass prescription High Index Lenses are an advanced type of optical lens, which provides higher prescription wearers with a slimmer and more streamlined shape. You no longer have to worry about lacking a stylish frame, and low profile lens, just because you have a high prescription. Perfect for anyone with +/- 2 prescriptions or higher.


High index glass prescription glasses can be very heavy and you may find it uncomfortable. VS Eyewear will not take returns back based on the weight of the material used to create the lens. If you would like to shop other materials that will be a lighter weight, please navigate with our other lens options.

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