What are Prescription Safety Glasses?

Jan 18, 2023
Prescription Safety glasses and specialty eyewear from VS Eyewear

Prescription Safety glasses
They play an important part in keeping people safe and keeping businesses going. Prescription safety glasses can be customized to fit your needs. Prescription lenses can be made custom to fit people depending on their work.

Preventable Disaster

It is a sad fact to see that 90% of all eye injuries reported each year can be prevented. It is so important to have good vision. We shouldn’t take it for granted. Even if there is a slight risk of injury, it’s important to protect our eyes. Even if one loses their vision partially, the price of prevention is far more expensive than the cost of preserving it.

Many people don’t wear safety sunglasses with prescription as often as they should, at work and at home. There are nearly as many reasons to not wear safety glasses as there is for getting treated for eye injuries in hospital. These are the most common reasons for not wearing protective eyewear.

  • Discomfort
  • Fogging up
  • Incapable of seeing clearly
  • You forgot to attach them
  • Misplaced, borrowed
  • It takes too long
  • You think you are already at a safe distance, or angle
  • You think you already have them?
  • You think you are invincible. “It won’t happen”
  • You think you aren’t doing anything that could be considered dangerous
  • Safety culture in the workplace, shop, or lab is poor
  • Education and training are not provided.
  • Neglect, lack of equipment

Easy Education on Prescription Safety Glasses

It is not acceptable to protest against PPE. Personal protective equipment is what your boss and safety guy at the clipboard are constantly telling you to wear. Your employer will likely inform you about the correct equipment to use if your job requires that your eyes be protected from injury.

Safety glasses are the most essential piece of PPE. If you are a mechanic or welder and you need safety glasses for work, then you will want to invest in prescription safety sunglasses.

You can also wear safety glasses while working, but not until you have proper eyewear. Although this might be difficult to adjust to, most safety glasses manufacturers offer extra space for those who wear eyeglasses.

Self Discipline

Do not wait for your employer to give you safety glasses. It’s worthwhile to have your own safety glasses in case your job requires them.

Don’t be afraid of sharing the importance and safety culture in your workplace with others. No matter what your boss does, or the actions of other employees, the PPE must be worn. If you ever see an employee who thinks they can get around safety, point out where the PPE is located and tell them that it is worth keeping their eyes open.

Prescription Safety Glasses Defined

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