Simplify Sunglasses with Fitover Eyewear

Jan 3, 2021

When you wear prescription glasses, shielding your eyes from the sun can be a real hassle. Swapping out glasses is a pain, especially when you consider how expensive prescription sunglasses can be. Still, it’s either that or get blinded whenever you’re facing the sun, right?

Wrong. Glasses technology has come a long way since the olden days. Now, you can comfortably and easily protect your eyes without swapping from your beloved prescription lenses with fitover eyewear. Fitover sunglasses are specially designed to literally fit over a traditional pair of glasses. This way, you won’t need to be troubled with swapping things out, all of your gear sitting safely on your face as you head out.

If you like the feel of your traditional glasses on your face, you’ll definitely appreciate fitover lenses. Now that you don’t need to swap out for an unfamiliar pair of sunglasses, you can just enjoy being able to see without being blinded as you would normally without the annoyance of adjusting to new glasses. Plus, despite being larger than your glasses by design, fitover lenses are surprisingly light and non-bulky to wear.

Worried these fitover glasses might be all function and no form? Think again. Fitover sunglasses come in a ton of different styles and colors to match with your look. Even the lenses have different shades to choose from. Made from high-quality materials on top of all of that, they’re as stylish and durable as a good pair of sunglasses should be with all the benefits of being able to fit over your traditional lenses.

There are tons of reasons to try fitover sunglasses in addition to what’s already been covered here. If your interest has been piqued, head over to VS Eyewear today to browse our huge selection of fitover eyewear plus our other glasses products you might like.

 Simplify Sunglasses with Fitover Eyewear

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