Computer Glasses to the Rescue!

Computer Glasses to the Rescue!

Dec 31, 2020

What your Screen Time is Doing to your Eyes

    The average person spends at least 6 hours a day staring at some kind of electronic screen. Whether this be a computer screen, phone screen, or television, it wreaks havoc on your eyes. This can often lead to blurred vision, headaches, eye strain, and long term vision problems. These problems become even more prevalent as more of us are working from home. This includes our children, a lot of whom are e-learning.  As technology evolves, we need to evolve how we take care of ourselves, including our eyes.

What are Computer Glasses?

    One of the best ways of taking care of your eyes is by using computer glasses. It is likely that you have never heard of computer glasses. So what are they? Computer glasses are used to prevent and relieve the adverse effects of prolonged screen time. They are specially designed to optimize your vision. They reduce glare, maximize what you see, and increase contrast. All of these working together make it much easier on your eyes. Some computer glasses have anti-reflective coating designed to reduce glare. They also may have a tint to them to change the contrast on the screen and filter out light that can be hard on your eyes. Since computer glasses make it much easier for your eyes, they also alleviate the aches and pains that come with having to move your body around to see better while being comfortable.

Where to Get Computer Glasses

    VS Eyewear has many styles and types of computer glasses to fit your needs. We carry rimless and rimmed glasses. Also, there are a variety of tinted and non-tinted lenses. Many of the lenses also come with front side and backside anti-reflective coating. Come check out our great prices here!

 Computer Glasses to the Rescue!

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