COSTA Sunglasses - Born On The Water

COSTA Sunglasses – Born On The Water

Dec 31, 2020

If you’re a fishing enthusiast, beach lover, or everyday adventurer, your life is spent outdoors and you want to make sure that your gear can always withstand the elements.

Your sunglasses should be no different! With COSTA, you can trust that your eyes will always be protected from UVA and UVB rays from the harshest sun, as well as, being handcrafted to give your glasses strength, durability, and style.

COSTA has styles for both men and women no matter your outdoor lifestyle. Whether you are enjoying the day at the beach, day fishing, boating, or on an outdoor adventure, your COSTA sunglasses will give you 100% UV protection and glare reduction. 

COSTA sunglasses were designed with purpose by a group of fishermen more than 35 years ago that understood the needs of those who work and live near water. Since then, the brand has grown, made many contributions to over 30 beaches, and has helped to spread awareness of the preservation of our oceans. COSTA has pride in knowing they are creating an exceptional product while helping to spread a positive message worldwide. 

COSTA, together with its Kick Plastic Initiative, has developed a bio-based resin which reduces their carbon footprint, as well as, helps to protect our planet’s waters. The Bio-Resin frames are durable, lightweight, stylish, and hold their shape even in the harshest of conditions. 

Assembled in the USA, COSTA always keeps their standards high and are confident in every pair of sunglasses they produce. COSTA sunglasses are a great personal purchase, but they are also the perfect gift for any occasion. 

COSTA was born on the water and is dedicated to always building the best sunglasses on the planet. Are you ready to purchase your next pair of protective eyewear? Look no further than our complete line of COSTA sunglasses!

 COSTA Sunglasses - Born On The Water

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