Protect Your Eyes on the High Seas with Costa Fishing Glasses

Mar 13, 2020

Fishing is a fun and rewarding hobby, especially when it’s done out on the water. It can also be risky in a number of ways.

But while many take precaution against things like drowning and dehydration, plenty of people still forget to take the health of their eyes into account.

Just like how you’re more susceptible to getting burned while near the water, your eyes are in more danger than ever from the sunlight reflected off the surface of the water. Not taking the appropriate care can lead to retinal damage and even cancer. To keep this from happening, you need a reliable pair of sunglasses.

That’s where Costa Fishing Glasses come in. Unlike normal sunglasses, Costa’s lenses are built with the high seas in mind. Using superior materials for both frames and lenses, they can stand up to the rigors of intense sports like fishing without breaking down. The frames in particular are also corrosion-resistant to avoid rusting when wet.

The lenses are where these glasses really shine, however. For starters, you can get your choice of either hard plastic or sturdy glass. Not only are they made to block out 100% of UV light, they’re also constructed to resist scratching and wear from salt water. You can even get them with your prescription, meaning you don’t have to compromise on your ability to see to protect your eyes. Far from it as certain lenses can even magnify your vision, helping you get a bead on fish even in dark or murky water.

For these reasons and many more, it’s wise to grab a pair or two of Costa Fishing Glasses to take with you on your next trip out to catch the big one. To learn more about these and plenty of other types of glasses, contact VS Eyewear today.

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