What Lens Tint Is Right for Your LIfestyle?

Jul 6, 2018

Sunglasses with colored lenses have always been an intermittent fad. Based on looks alone, colored lenses beyond the traditional dark, clear, or mirrored styles always has had a corner of the sunglasses market. But there are far more advantages to colored lenses. If you frequently spend time outdoors, spend a significant amount of time in adverse weather conditions, and need to see in crystal clear detail, match your requirements to the right tint color.

What is the best tint color for general outdoors use?

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s important to protect your eyes. Not only is there a lot of UV radiation from direct sunlight, sunglasses can help keep your eyes safe from physical hazards like pollen, sand, and water. But the best lenses are tinted to specifically target glare, both in the air and on the water, as well as enhance contrast for better visibility. Brown, green, and gray tints are the best at reducing glare. Green lenses even help maintain color contrast for shadowed areas.

What tint color is best for driving?

Even vehicles with total coverage windshields have glare. But if you are driving anything from a boat to a motorcycle or four-wheeler, there are other things obstructing your vision. Yellow lenses can help counteract fog and haze. This color tint can also reduce the glare form electronic signs and billboards if you have fast lane changes in unfamiliar areas. Pink and red lenses are also a good general choice for road visibility. If you want sunglasses solely for boat trips, grey or black works best for glare reflecting off of the water.

Depending on the variety of visibility conditions you face, having multiple sunglasses might be the best choice. That’s why fitover sunglasses are so useful. You don’t have to worry about sacrificing color choice for your prescription lenses. Go to VS Eyewear for more details and options.

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