The Battle Against Insomnia: Win the War with Blu-Ban Computer Glasses

Jul 6, 2018

You lie in bed awake, trying hard not to look at the clock. You know you need to sleep, but your brain and your body are not cooperating.
You have tried everything you can think of to fall asleep within a decent amount of time. You have limited your caffeine to mornings, you exercise early in the day, and you have even set up a strict sleep schedule. Your efforts seem futile. You are still lying in bed awake.
Your Electronic Devices May be Causing Your Sleep Problems
Your body responds to light and darkness to regulate your natural sleep cycles. Many of our gadgets, our cell phones, computers, indoor lighting, and even our televisions give off a blue light, just like the sun, but more intense. Harvard medical research shows that blue light increases our alertness, which is great during the day, but blue light keeps our bodies from producing melatonin, the sleep chemical we need for a good night’s rest.
You Can Reduce the Effects of Blue Light
Researchers have found that there are several things that we can do to offset the effects of constant blue light exposure without having to give up our toys.

  • Increase your time in bright sunlight during the day. More sunlight during the day can help reset your natural sleep rhythm when the light decreases at night.
  • Avoid using a computer or cell phone an hour or so before you plan on turning in for the evening. The reduction of blue light will increase your body’s production of melatonin, and you’ll drift off faster.
  • Dim the lights in your home a few hours before bedtime. Try lower wattage bulbs or putting dimmers on your light switches. When you reduce the amount of blue light in your environment, this signals your brain that the day ends soon. You could even try red colored bulbs in your lamps to reduce your exposure to blue light even more.

Blu-Ban Computer Glasses Reduce Your Blue Light Exposure
You don’t have to limit your computer time or turn off your phone to reduce your blue light exposure. Wearing the appropriate glasses, such as our Blu-Ban computer glasses, when using your computer or tablet. Our speciality lenses are available with magnification up to +2.5 or Plano lenses if you don’t’s need the magnification. Blu-Ban eliminates the blue light from the spectrum. Blu-Ban computer glasses will also cut your risk of digital eye strain caused by constant blue light exposure and the glare from your screen, reduce your risk of macular degeneration, and may help you win the war against insomnia.
Increasing how much you get sunlight during the day and cutting back on artificial light at night can help you reset your body clock. The reduction of blue light in the evening will help your body produce melatonin at the right time during the cycle. With limiting your evening screen time, or wearing Blu-Ban computer glasses from VS Eyewear, you could get a better night’s sleep.

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