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5 Safety Precautions to Take When Driving at Night

Driving at night can be dangerous. Though only a quarter of driving is done at night, 50% of road incidents and crashes occur in the evening hours.

Night driving requires you to operate a vehicle through a combination of low visibility, high traffic, and potential fatigue. Below are five extra precautions that you can take to ensure you get home safely.

1. Avoid rush hour.

Peak hours of traffic between 4pm and 7pm can be poorly lit, stressful, and crowded, especially during the dark evenings of the winter months. There is more traffic, and therefore lower visibility and more potential hazards. Fatigue amongst drivers can make for unpredictable and difficult to navigate situations.

Make your commute before or after rush hours where possible.

2. Rest.

Driving while impaired by drowsiness is a major cause of road incidents. Be aware of any signs of fatigue, such as yawning or tired eyes, and stop to rest if needed.

In order to prevent fatigue, take frequent breaks on longer duration nighttime drives.

3. Improve Visibility

Low light can make it difficult to navigate on the roads at night. Be sure to maintain the condition of your vehicle’s headlights, and keep the windshield and mirrors clean for best visibility.

You may use high-beams in extremely low light situations, though be sure to turn these off for oncoming traffic.

4. Slow Down

Drive slower than in the daytime, as decreased night visibility means it takes longer to detect hazards on the road.

Taking a slower speed is fundamental to road safety in the evening. By slowing down, you give yourself the opportunity to detect and react to any potential dangers on the road, which takes longer than in the daytime.

5. Use Night Driving glasses.

Another ideal way to combat the low visibility of nighttime driving is opting to use night driving glasses. Anti-glare eyewear is designed to reduce glare from streetlights and oncoming traffic. This reduces eye fatigue, while increased contrast and clarity allows you to drive safely with optimal vision, reducing the risks associated with night driving.

Contact VS Eyewear for more information on specialized night glasses for safety when driving at night.

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