3 Reasons to Focus on Eye Protection the Next Time You Weld

Jul 6, 2018

Whether you’re a professional welder or you occasionally have to bring out the tools for a DIY project, safety equipment is essential. But it can also become routine.

If it’s been a while since you evaluated your or your company’s safety procedures, take stock of your equipment and habits to make sure you and everyone in the area are as safe as possible. Start with the eyes.

1. Are your safety glasses only front-facing?

Many commercially available glasses and masks only protect the front of your face. But even if you are the only welder in the immediate area, particles and sparks can still fly at you from unexpected angles. Without sideshields, your eyes are still vulnerable to heat and physical impact damage. This risk is even more severe if you have a welding company in which two or more people may be working in the same area. Look for glasses that include solid sideshields or extended lenses that allow for more peripheral vision.

2. What color matches your usual work environment?

The color of the lenses in your welding glasses also plays a part in how much visibility you have. Some colors heighten contrast in low-light environments so you don’t have to worry about the welding glow ruining your night vision. Other colors reduce glare and eyestrain for longer jobs.

Making a change to your safety equipment isn’t just the right move to keep you or your company safe. It’s a perfect opportunity to optimize your equipment for better performance and comfort so you can tackle more complex jobs.

3. Do you have prescription glasses?

Glasses can get in the way of safety glasses. But our prescription welding glasses means you don’t have to make a choice between visibility and safety, especially if you don’t like fitover glasses. Look for glasses with flip-up tinted lenses so you can see through all stages of your welding projects without having to switch glasses.

Once you know what changes you want to make in your eye safety equipment, go to VS Eyewear to browse our welding glasses catalog and features.

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