Types of Protection Provided by Welding Glasses

Mar 10, 2018

Welding is an incredibly important skill that is necessary for the completion of a wide variety of projects.  Those that go into welding and learn the trade will experience low unemployment and will be well-compensated.  While welding can be a great skill to learn, it can also be dangerous and pose a variety of risk to a welder.  To ensure that you are properly protected, one important piece of equipment that all welders need is a quality pair or welding glasses.  Welding glasses can provide you with several different types of protection.

Protects from Debris

When you are completing a welding job, you will likely need to lean over the metal that you are cutting in order to get a precise cut. Because of this, you could easily be within reach of flying small pieces of metal and other debris. If one of these items were to get into your eye, it could end up causing permanent damage. When you wear a pair of welding glasses, they will be designed to shield your eyes from anything that flies off of the subject metal.

Protects from Heat

While flying debris is a concern for welders, the heat that comes with welding can also be a concern. When you are welding, the welding tools will heat up to extreme heats in order to cut the material that you need. This extreme heat can actually be very damaging to your eyes even if the open flame does not directly impact them. The welding glasses will be designed to withstand this level of heat and will keep your eyes protected.

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