Protect Your Eyes and Eyewear When You’re Outside fitovers sunglasses

Mar 16, 2018

Eyeglasses always seem inconvenient. The wrong pair doesn’t give you good peripheral vision. You can’t wear sunglasses at the same time. Even transition lenses might not be the right answer if you work in an environment with varying degrees of brightness that can trigger the change when you don’t need it. But the solution to these eyeglasses problems isn’t getting rid of your pair. It’s getting a second pair.

2 Ways Fitover Glasses Improve the Outdoors

1. You should always be wearing sunglasses outside.

UV radiation is dangerous, whether you’re focusing on your skin or on your eyes. Just like sunscreen is becoming a common daily recommendation to reduce skin damage or the likelihood of skin cancers, sunglasses protect your eyes. The radiation can cause everything from cataracts to macular degeneration. It can even cause skin cancer around your eyes where you can put sunscreen.

But wearing sunglasses can be incredibly inconvenient when you regularly wear eyeglasses. Not only can it seem like you have to decide between any of your prescription glasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses, but bringing them all with you every day just increases the odds of losing a pair. But fitover sunglasses are built to work around your glasses. They don’t detract from the lenses and are designed to be comfortable.

2. They protect your glasses when you’re outside.

Glasses aren’t as fragile as they used to be. Glass lenses can be coated with a protective, scratch-proof seal and they don’t even have to be glass anymore. But that doesn’t mean they’re built to handle the outdoors. Sand, salt, and dirt can start to work into the edges of your lenses and between the hinges. Getting specialty glasses precisely for harsh work and recreation environments is an option, but sometimes it’s out of your budget. Fitover sunglasses act as another protective layer.

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